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LiveTarget Shad Baitball 2 1/2"

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Livetarget® Baitball Series Threadfin Shad

    • Mimics a small school of fleeting baitfish
    • Triggers instinctive predatory response in fish
Livetarget's Baitball Series Threadfin Shad Crankbait mimics a schooling formation of baitfish in response to constant assault by predator fish. Just as instinctive as it is for baitfish to swim to the safety of the “baitball”, is for predator fish to attack it. Now you can unleash this instinctive predator response using these floating medium-diving crankbaits that imitate the early formation of a shiner “baitball”.
Size: 2-1/2", 5/8 oz. (dives to 10 ft.).