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Emerald Shiners

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Great for a variety of gamefish, these Magic® Preserved Great Lakes Emerald Shiner Minnows come in a re-sealable laminated pouch for convenient storage of leftover bait. Small minnows are 1-1/2'' to 2'' long with approximately 70 minnows per 4-oz. package. Medium minnows are 2" to 3" long with approximately 12 minnows per 1.5-oz. package (approximately 30 per 4-oz. package). Large minnows are 3" to 4" long with approximately 8 minnows per 1.5 oz. package (and approximately 20 per 4-oz. package). Made in USA.

  • Great for a variety of gamefish
  • Comes in re-sealable laminated pouch
  • Approximately 70 small minnows per small pouch